Lake Macquarie Drones

Attention: Home Buyers, Real Estate Agents, Building & Industrial Inspectors


Need an inspection on a house or industrial property? 

Some high areas are unable to be safely accessed by inspectors. 


Due to restrictions on heights & roof pitch inspectors cannot safely access some high or steep areas. 


Building inspections therefore can have Exclusions in the report stating these areas have not been checked.


Normally, building inspectors are restricted to 3.6m ladder heights & personal lifting equipment is expensive & time consuming to set up.


Utilising our drones, inspectors can view these inaccessible areas in real time on a remote monitor & direct the drone to view possible problem areas for their report. They can see exactly what the camera sees, almost the same as being there.

The cost effective use of our drones, which include videos & still photographs, can therefore contribute to a more comprehensive report for your client.

Using our drones for these inspections creates a safer work environment & saves time.


For your protection ensure the drone inspection is carried out by a licensed & insured CASA approved operator like Lake Macquarie Drones.

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